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Brand Introduction
The patent source technology company Puri to replace the traditional techniques (such as incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp and HID lamp), with integrated, solid-state lighting solutions, the bulb and the lamp manufacturers to provide high performance and high efficiency white light rapid growth of internal and external market, including street lighting, commercial lighting, lighting and consumer electronics retail application. Puri has a unique vertical integration strategy with core materials, technology (epitaxy), chip design, packaging technology, system technology and manufacturing technology, as well as unique global manufacturing capabilities with major intellectual property rights. This integration allows the company cost advantages and scale effects, and it is the only one able to develop high quality LED light bulbs and lamps manufacturers at price disruption will promote these solutions penetrate into a wide range of terminal markets. The company has achieved scale and has established more than 500 customer participation and revenue growth, the presence of leadership in this fast growing market. In the addition of new CEO and $50 million 2 thousand and 10 of financing in January closing, the Puri actively sought by customers, the new market penetration, expanding its global manufacturing business, and its innovative technology platform for global economic growth.
Product Series
ES, Array, Series, RS, Array, Series, LS, Array, Series
Application Areas
Lighting Electronics
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