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Name:Bud Industries


Brand Introduction
Bud Industries, Inc. is the leading shell manufacturer in the electronics and data industries. Bud Industries, known for its innovative design, unveiled the first stackable plastic electronics shell, the first fully transparent NEMA protection shell and a range of portable aluminum instrument cases. These instrument boxes can be portable before they are available in the application. Bud product line covers other products to small suitcase to the machine frame and other products, including electronic products, electronic products, customized shell shell accessories, bracket, board guide, cabinet frame, open frame, server cabinet and hosting cabinet. These products are made of plastic or metal and can be designed either in standard or in accordance with NEMA requirements. Enclosure attachments include shelves, casters, power outlets, and fans. It also offers standard and customized products, as well as comprehensive design support.
Product Series
Battery products, cable assemblies, housings, racks, line protection, power distribution, backup power supplies, etc.
Application Areas
Communication / network
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