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Brand Introduction
Cree is the market leading innovator and manufacturer of semiconductors, to improve their value through improved solid state lighting, power and communications products for energy efficiency. The key advantage of Cree comes from the market in the GaN (GaN) silicon carbide (SiC) field of unique materials and professional knowledge, and used in the manufacture of chip and complete sets of devices, these devices can complete chip and processing power, more in a small room at the same time, it is compared with the existing technology, the material and product cooler. Cree will return the energy solutions (ROE) for a variety of purposes, including a variety of exciting options, including: brighter and more adjustable LEDs for general lighting, backlighting and more vivid display effect for optimal power management and high current switching power supply and variable speed motor as well as more data and effective use of wireless voice communication infrastructure. Cree's customers range from new lighting manufacturers to defense related federal agencies. The Cree range includes blue and green LED chips, lighting LED, backlit LEDs, power switching devices, and broadcast / wireless devices.
Product Series
Discrete device
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting electronics
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CREE Relevant Information:
iPhone X to give up fingerprinting Face ID gradually gaining market acceptance, so that non-Apple camp phone factory also accelerated layout, according to vendor vendors revealed that Huawei, OPPO, millet and other brand manufacturers have embraced 3D sensor technology. It is foreseeable that with the 3D sensing technology market continues to open, 2018 will launch a new machine with 3D sensor capabilities will spring up, the fingerprint recognition application under the screen may face crowding-out effect.
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