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Capital Microelectronics

Name:Capital Microelectronics


Brand Introduction
Beijing micro YAGE (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd is a configurable application (CAPoC, Configurable Application Platform on Chip) technology pioneer and leader, is committed to the system manufacturers to provide high integration, high flexibility and high performance programmable logic device, reconfigurable microprocessor and related software design tools. The scene with self-developed programmable (FP, Field, Programmable) and mask programmable (MP Mask Programmable) advanced technology and embedded microprocessor, controller and analog interface logic, Beijing micro YAGE CAP series chip innovation not only help customers to greatly shorten the time to market, improve product design flexibility and strengthen the product properties, and by reducing the cost of the diluted high customers the cost of entering the market. Beijing micro YAGE provides a configurable universal design platform, with efficient EDA software and IP modules can be configured repeatedly, can be widely used in CAP chip design, in order to fully enhance the competitiveness of system vendors. The company provides chips based on CAP technology, solution design services, related EDA software products and technical support services. The company takes CAP as the core product, the configurable application platform can system volume in design flexibility and low cost, smaller and faster development cycle to application designers, system integrators and end products bring huge additional value.
Product Series
Programmable logic device, reconfigurable microprocessor and so on
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical electronics, portable devices, instrumentation, communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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