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Brand Introduction
Chelsio communications is a market and technology leader that enables data flow between networks, storage, and clusters connected by Gigabit ethernet. With its sophisticated terminal ASIC technology, the design meets more than 100 OEM platforms and has successfully deployed more than 100 thousand ports. Chelsio has implemented a unified line speed solution for LAN, SAN, and cluster traffic. By virtue of its unique ability to completely uninstall the TCP, iSCSI and iWARP protocols into a single chip, Chelsio adapter card to undertake the responsibility communication and processing overhead from the server and storage system, which resulted in a significant increase in the performance of the application. Using its recently released fourth generation ASIC technology, Chelsio has raised the unified line speed to a new level, and has completely uninstalled the TCP, iSCSI, iWARP and fibre channel traffic through ethernet. Now, through the network elements of Gigabit Ethernet have been fused together, Chelsio company is the driving force behind this integration.
Product Series
Adapter card, Ethernet controller chip and other network connection solutions
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / networks
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