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Data Device Corporation(DDC)

Name:Data Device Corporation(DDC)


Brand Introduction
Founded in 1964, headquartered in New York, USA, Data Device Corporation (DDC) is an internationally recognized provider of high reliability data interface products for the military and commercial aviation sectors. The DDC data bus network solution covers a full range of data interface protocols that support field real-time processing, requiring critical data, networking between military vehicle systems and subsystems. These products, as well as DDC's traditional MIL-STD-1553 solutions, represent a broad and flexible array of solutions for performance and cost, enabling DDC to support multiple generations of programs. Whether it is with the increase in bandwidth, high-speed serial communication, or traditional avionics and ground security applications, DDC data solutions to meet military requirements, including reliability, uncertainty, low CPU occupancy rate, real-time performance and durability in harsh environment of the sea should be used. The DDC uses internal intellectual property rights to ensure excellent multi generational support, independent of the life cycle of civilian equipment.
Product Series
Data bus, synchronous / rotary transformer, motor controller, solid state power supply controller, customized solution, etc.
Application Areas
Medical electronic communications / network industry / automation military / national defense
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