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Dynex Semiconductor

Name:Dynex Semiconductor


Brand Introduction
Dynex Semiconductor is a global product and service provider focused on the field of power, semiconductors and integrated circuits. More than 50 years ago, Dynex's semiconductor business was founded in Lincoln, England, when it was called AEI Semiconductor and developed some of the world's first silicon semiconductor devices. Since then, the company has acquired power semiconductor ownership, technology and products such as general electric appliance (GEC), Thompson (SGS-Thomson), Alston (Alstom) and Marconi (MEDL). Dynex, Semiconductor set manufacturing, silicon processing, sales, marketing, design and R & D as one. Well equipped modern facilities, including over 4000 square meters of newly refurbished, ultra clean plants, are dedicated to the production of power semiconductor products and become synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability.
Product Series
IGBT module, phase control thyristor, rectifier diode, fast recovery diode, gate turn off thyristor, pulse power thyristor, standard power supply module, pulse power system, SVC combination valve, etc.
Application Areas
Portable equipment, instrumentation, transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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