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Brand Introduction
ELMOS has been focused on the automotive market for nearly 30 years. As a shareholder of ELMOS, BMW has emphasized the automotive market as the entry area for ELMOS since the company was founded in 1987 and listed in 1999. As a level 1 and level 2 supplier of automotive electronics, ELMOS has long been in close contact with leading automotive manufacturers and is committed to providing reliable automotive semiconductor chip products that follow the trend of The Times. The way of thinking determines the product span ELMOS has a wide range of products ranging from sensors to power chips and applications from automotive to consumer electronics, including MEMS sensors, DC-DC converters, CAN transceivers, automotive LED drivers, proximity sensors, and ultrasonic flowmeters. ELMOS now focuses on sensor signal processing IC for different sensor types, such as optical, ultrasonic, pressure and other signal processing IC. ELMOS USES its technological advantages to develop the same module in different products, which also results in higher efficiency. In addition, ELMOS chips are based on long-term experience, functional improvement and technological innovation in over a million chip level applications.
Product Series
Application Areas
Optical, ultrasonic, pressure and other signal processing IC
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