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Brand Introduction
Fujitsu Fujitsu (Tokyo stock exchange code 6702), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a global provider of IT based business solutions for the global market. Fujitsu to provide services to customers from 70 countries, the global system and service team of experts and computing and communications products are highly reliable and advanced microelectronic products combine to provide added value to customers. Its products are widely used in high-performance optical communications network equipment, handheld mobile terminals, imaging equipment, automotive, industrial control, home appliances, wearable devices, medical electronics, power meters, security and other fields. Fujitsu company entered Chinese in the last century in 70s, to cooperate in the computer platform products, software and solutions, communication, semiconductor and high-tech research and development and other fields China and achieved fruitful results.
Product Series
Power supply IC, microcontroller, ferroelectric memory, ASIC, sensors, SoC and so on
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical, electronic, portable devices, communications / network traffic / automotive security / surveillance, industry / Automation
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Fujitsu Relevant Information:
Fujitsu recently announced the launch of a new generation of supercomputer CPU, A64FX, which uses the Arm architecture and will be manufactured in a 7-nanometer process; the CPU will be used on a new generation of supercomputers in Japan, called Post-K, to enhance the computing and simulation capabilities of supercomputers and meet the needs of large data and AI applications.
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