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Brand Introduction
Haobo tech was founded in early 2001, is a set of program development and sales of high-tech enterprise IC. Experienced, strong R & D team and high-quality after-sales service business elite. The company products related to 6502Core, 51Core, Flash, Serial series MCU USB IC interface and various mature program products, support the mainland and Hongkong is responsible for the marketing of the products and technology, have enough strength to provide and support the overall development plan for the factory and the company products. And a number of well-known factories in the industry successfully cooperate, a variety of IC has been verified by the KK level of production. Products are widely used in handheld remote control terminals (including infrared and RF), industrial automation control, USB control, home appliances, electronic toys, games, intellectual development products. 6502 core MCU and Serial Flash with excellent performance and obvious cost advantage to win customers.
Product Series
MCU, Flash, RF transceiver, USB interface, IC and so on
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / Networking Industry / Automation
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