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Brand Introduction
ISABELLENHUETTE (ISA) is the world's leading manufacturer of low valued precision resistors. Whether conventional resistors or high load power resistors, product performance meets the highest end requirements. In 1987, the company produced the world's first surface mount current detection resistor in the world, and still maintains the leading position of this technology. ISA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of thermoelectric materials for resistance and temperature measurement. These passive components are used in the automotive, electrical and electronic industries. In the car, truck, hybrid, and electric vehicles and energy regeneration systems, the precision measurement system from ISA sets the industry standard for current, voltage, and temperature sensing. Low temperature coefficient, low thermal emf, good long term stability, low parasitic inductance, high pulse load, etc. are the basic requirements for precision resistors for current detection. Some of the characteristics are determined by the performance of the resistance material, and partly by the design and the manufacturing process.
Product Series
Precision resistor,
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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