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Brand Introduction
ITE technology. Company (referred to as ITE) is a professional non Wafer Factory IC design company, founded in 1996, headquartered in Hsinchu science park. ITE began development in the early years of PC and NB control chips, and has taken on the super I global lead / O, as well as keyboard and embedded controller technologies. The market share of super I / O products, through many well-known PC manufacturers, has exceeded 40% of the global. Following steady growth, ITE gradually expanded in the product line and technology areas. At present, there are many excellent engineers specializing in PC/ NB controller, Flash controller, digital TV receiver controller, multimedia controller and analog IC software / hardware development, and marketing personnel.
Product Series
PC/NB controls IC, flash memory (Flash) control, IC, digital television receiver control, IC, multimedia control, IC, and analog IC
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / networks
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The U.S. government included five Chinese companies on Tuesday on the blacklist of trade because these companies were su
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