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Isahaya Electronics Corporation(IDC)

Name:Isahaya Electronics Corporation(IDC)


Brand Introduction
IDC (ISAHAYA, ELECTRONICS, CORPORATION) Electronics is a Japanese high end discrete device and hybrid IC manufacturer. Founded in 1973, IDC was founded by MITSUBISHI Electric Co., Ltd., Japan. It was originally a cooperative enterprise for MITSUBISHI in discrete signal transistors. After that, MITSUBISHI will be mixed IC, small signal transistor and other services transferred to the IDC. Since 2003, IDC electronics has developed, designed, manufactured and sold discrete devices and hybrid IC for its own brands. IDC electronics company, design and production of the products covers small signal transistor development to ASIC, and with the semiconductor design technology widely and with these as the main components of the application circuit of semiconductor technology, miniaturization, meet all the machines of high functional requirements.
Product Series
IGBT drivers, DC-DC converters, diodes, voltage regulators, transistors, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical electronics, transportation / cars
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