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JieJie Microelectronics

Name:JieJie Microelectronics

Website: en.jjwdz.com

Brand Introduction
Founded in 1995,Jiangsu JieJie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in designing,manufacturing and marketing semiconductor discrete components and power electronic devices.We are the first company to produce “square” type SCR and TRIAC and have the most extensive SCR and TRIAC production line in China.
Product Series
SCRs、Triac、Power Module、TVS、TSS、SIDAC、Standard High Voltage Rectifier Diode &Chip、Standard Low Voltage Rectifier Diode & Chip、Fast Recovery Diode & ChipHigh Efficiency Fast Recovery Diode & Chip、High Efficiency Fast Recovery Diode & Chip、Super-Fast Recovery Diode & Chip、Ultra-Fast Recovery Diode & Chip、NPN Power Transistors、Darlington Transistors
Application Areas
Washing Machine、Vacuum Cleaner、Electronic Fan、Water Purifier、Negative Ion Generator、Leakage Circuit Breaker
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