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Brand Introduction
As the world's largest independent manufacturer of power semiconductor devices, Lite-On Semiconductor provides a comprehensive, extensive, reliable and economical power semiconductor design. The company produces high quality silicon and glass passivated standards and fast recovery diodes and Schottky diodes, including SMD and bridge rectifiers. All of its bridge rectifiers utilize GPP construction technology, which has proven to be superior to standard diode assembly or etching die Bridge Technology in thermal performance. Lite-On semiconductor operates highly automated manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and Mainland China, and has received internationally recognized ISO-9001/QS-9000/ISO/TS, 16949:, 2002/, ISO-14000: 2004 certification. All factories are automated production and testing equipment of the latest, most of which are designed by our engineers custom, in order to maximize their manufacturing capabilities, and ensure world-class real product quality.
Product Series
Discrete components, optoelectronics, power supplies, IC, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting electronics
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