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Brand Introduction
As a global leader in the field of the protection circuit, Littelfuse brand products including POWR-GARD, Teccor, Wickmann r r r r r, Pudenz, Hamlin, PulseGuard and SIDACtor, covering the broad technology such as PTC, GDT, fuse, varistors, TVS diode and TVS diode array (SPA), thyristor switch pipe and reed switch, relay and sensor. Littelfuse products are backed by industry-leading, over 85 years of technological innovation, technical support, design and manufacturing experience. Littelfuse products are critical for almost all electrical products, including automotive, computers, consumer electronics, handheld devices, industrial equipment, and communications / data communications circuits.
Product Series
Fuse, fuse box, fuse and fuse fittings, transient suppression diode array, PTC, LED and self recovery protector, relay protection and control, DC solenoid box dimension appliances, design type electrical equipment, battery management, solution line type switch and panel, gas discharge tube, switch, switch type crystal
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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Littelfuse Relevant Information:
Littelfuse, Inc., a global leader in circuit protection, today introduced a compact surface mount polymer automotive-grade electrostatic discharge suppressor that protects sensitive equipment from hazards of up to 30kV of contact discharge / air discharge.
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