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Lontium Semiconductor

Name:Lontium Semiconductor


Brand Introduction
Long Xun semiconductor technology (Hefei) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a company registered in Hefei economic and Technological Development Zone Chinese Sino foreign joint ventures, Chinese design center is located in Hefei, with offices in the United States of Oregon, Shenzhen China. Long Xun specializes in integrated circuit design, research and development and sales, with a number of core technologies and independent intellectual property rights. Long high-speed interface chip set (HDMI, MHL, DP) and high-definition display chipset technology leader. ClearedEdge is a combination of a series of high-speed interface, core technology and system design. It can be used in various high-speed serial input / output interface chips to improve performance and reduce costs. Long Xun has a rich experience in management and design team, design focus on mixed audio and video interface IC, SOC and related IP, HD interconnection, high-definition multimedia display and processing to provide total solutions and technical support.
Product Series
High speed interface chip set (HDMI, MHL, DP), USB extension chip, LCD controller
Application Areas
Consumer electronic communications / network traffic / car security / surveillance
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