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Brand Introduction
Newava - Newava Technology, Inc. produces custom designed and manufactured chokes, inductors, and transformers to customers specifications. Newava is willing to invest in new and different product types based upon customer needs. Newava designs and manufactures custom and standard inductors, transformers, coils, toroid magnetics, chokes, custom magnetic components, cable & wire harnessing and Electro-mechanical assemblies. Newava Technology offers a wide range of products. Newava designs cost effective transformers, inductors, and cable & wire harness assemblies for the power supply, avionics, military, medical, test & measurement, industrial, automotive and commercial applications. With factories in North America and partners in Asia, Newava is positioned to support the variety of needs of all major markets. Our products are RoHS compliant and lead (PB) free. Standard and Custom Inductors and Transformers Inductors and Transformers: High current differential chokes, pot core transformers, Common mode chokes, Powder iron line filter chokes, Output inductors, MPP, Koolmu & Balun cores, Flyback xfmrs, Toroidal transformers, Toroidal choke, custom signal and pulse transformers. Surface Mount Products Surface Mount Inductors, National Semiconductor inductors, Surface Mount Chokes, Surface Mount Transformers, SMT, Low pass filters, Drum core inductors, Low profile SMD. Telecommunications Transformers T1/E1/J, Quad and Octal, AES, XDSL, HDSL, HDSL2, G. HDSL, VDSL, ADSL, CO transformers, POTS splitters, low pass filter inductors, DMT applications, T3/E3/DS3 transformers. Cable Harnessing and Assemblies From simple one wire harness to large multi-end harnesses. We offer full wire harness manufacturing services, from cable harness design and rapid prototypes, to fabrication. As a well-established wire harness manufacturer we supply high quality wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies to OEM, Industrial, Communication, Medical, and Audio/Video Industry customers. Our wire harnesses consist of various types and sizes of wire, solder and crimp type terminals and pins, along with various electrical components specified by our customer. We provide design, engineering and wire harness manufacturing from small orders to high volume production. Electro-mechanical and PCB Assemblies Electro-mechanical assemblies include custom build switch assemblies, EMI filters, wire control boxes, and electrical sub-panels. We specialize in turn-key fabrication of electro-mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies. Electro-mechanical assembly services include all material procurement, process definition and fabrication using state of the art tooling. We provide complete integration and testing of electronic components, PC boards, and discrete components. Our products and sub-assemblies involve cable assembly to chassis, backplane wiring, and sheet metal enclosure assembly.
Product Series
Inductors, Coils, Chokes,Transformers
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