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Brand Introduction
Nijikang provided in the same industry in the most extensive aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and conductive polymer capacitor worldwide the most widely. Over the past 60 years, the company has been striving to become a "customer value" suppliers, through advanced technology balance, strict quality control measures, and excellent customer service, at the same time, the study and implementation of customer direct benefit of the technology innovation. In the electronic product market competition, nijikang "zero defect" concept, to ensure that all application components can withstand. Nijikang for capacitor type proud including surface mount, management unit, through hole and screw terminal. In addition, the company adheres to the most stringent environmental standards, including the production of only components that meet RoHS and REACH standards.
Product Series
Aluminium electrolytic capacitor, electric double-layer capacitor, film capacitor, thermistor, switch power supply, function module, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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