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Nordic Semiconductor

Name:Nordic Semiconductor


Brand Introduction
Nordic semiconductor is a wafer free semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power (ULP) short-range wireless communications. The range of 2.4GHz transceiver and launch equipment companies is comprised of a number of world famous brands in a wide variety of applications such as wireless keyboard and mouse, game controllers, and smart sports equipment. Nordic semiconductor is a member of the ANT + alliance, and has been successful cooperation with Cochran, Canada ANT wireless, since 2005 ANT devices- use the 2.4GHz transceiver Nordic and proven ANT protocol has been applied to the wireless sensor node millions all over the world. ANT is fully suited to any type of personal LAN (PAN) and the actual wireless sensor network (WSN) topology for low data rate wireless sensor networks.
Product Series
Ultra low power wireless system chip, Bluetooth intelligent, ANT, ultra low power connection device
Application Areas
Communication / network industry / Automation
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