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Brand Introduction
RIVER ELETEC is the production of crystal, crystal based electronic components manufacturers. Especially in SMD (SMD) small crystal components, has been in the industry leader, has accumulated many unique technology, won the "small components to find RIVER" reputation. Since 1949 the production of resistance since the company has always attached great importance to the development of unique properties of components, after 60 years of development, RIVER ELETEC has become a research and development and production of quartz crystal as the core business of Japan's listed companies, the company products continue to pursue "miniaturization, high performance and high quality" as the goal, service to the mobile phone, IT a car, digital, etc., has a stable customer groups at home and abroad.
Product Series
Inductors, resistors, resonators, crystals, oscillators, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / network traffic / cars
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