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Shengbang Microelectronics Co, Ltd(SG Micro)

Name:Shengbang Microelectronics Co, Ltd(SG Micro)


Brand Introduction
Sgmicro electronic (SG Micro Corp) is a semiconductor company with a focus on high performance and high quality analog integrated circuit research and development and sales. Sgmicro electronic products with excellent performance, excellent quality, can be widely used in mobile phone, TV, DVD, digital camera, notebook computer and other consumer electronic products, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical instrument, liquid crystal display etc.. Sgmicro electronic technical team composed of senior experts from the international industry, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of analog IC, with integrated circuit design, advanced technology, production, testing and quality management experience; sgmicro electronic products performance and quality equal to the international market leading manufacturers of similar products, some products even better. Sgmicro electronic has always attached great importance to R & D investment. Adequate financial strength and strong technical strength makes sgmicro electronic independent research and development and a successful launch of the products increased rapidly, and currently has 14 more than 600 kinds, all in line with the EU RoHS standards and environmental protection standards, such as 1.5GHz high speed operational amplifier, 500MHz low noise amplifier, high precision operational amplifier, comparator, ultra low power 300nA 50MHz low noise amplifier, 150mA low power consumption and low noise, low dropout LDO 0.4 ohm analog switch, power monitoring circuit, video filter, white LED driver, high efficient DC/DC converter chip, lithium battery charging management chip etc..
Product Series
OP: operational amplifier, comparator operation
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting, electronic communications / Networking
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